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We consider our publishing company a hybrid.  The newest model of publishing to have emerged is hybrid publishing, a combination of self-publishing and traditional publishing that empowers both authors and publishers.

Hybrid publishing is dynamic. While there are clear steps, benefits, and drawbacks to the distinctly separate models of self-publishing and traditional publishing, hybrid publishing allows authors and publishers to take what they want from each model in order to create a tailored, innovative approach to publishing, which offers mutual benefits to all parties involved.​

ONLY Requirement: Inspire
Step 1:   Submit synopsis by clicking "manuscript"  
Step 2:  We will request your manuscript.  Click on "manuscript"
Step 3:  Wait for personal phone call acceptance, consultation 

Traditional Publishing
In traditional publishing, the author completes his or her manuscript, writes a query letter or a proposal, and submits these documents to a Around H.I.M. Publishing. Our editors reads it, considers whether it is right for the house, and decides either to reject it (leaving the author free to offer it to another publisher) or self-publish it. If we decide to traditionally publish the book, we put up the money to design and package the book, print as many copies of the book as we think will sell, market the book, and finally distribute the finished book to the public. Around H.I.M. Publishing will pay author royalties on book sales. 

After reviewing your book.  We will let you know if we will traditionally publish your book (NO COST), self publish your book (SMALL FEE) or if your book has been rejected.  

The process is a bit different for self-publishing. An author who decides to self-publish basically becomes the publisher. The author pays us to proofread the final text and provide the funds required to publish the book, as well as the commercial-ready artwork. The author is responsible for marketing and distributing the book, filling orders, and running advertising campaigns.The author can print as many copies of the book as needed, though sometimes resulting in stacks of unsold books gathering dust in the garage! Fortunately, the Print on Demand (POD) technology now used by our our self-publishing department means that authors can have fewer copies printed a wonderful convenience for self-publishers. 


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